Beth Everett

Beth Everett is the author of the Lee Harding mystery series. She grew up in the coastal hills of San Francisco. When she wasn't writing books about ladybug circuses, she was suspecting the worst of her neighbors and looking for clues of their misdeeds. She blames Nancy Drew. 

The author is working on her third book, Where Charlotte Lay, which takes place in her hometown of Portland, Oregon. She finds the natural beauty of the rain forest to be a most inspirational place. 

Everett's short story of the same title won second place in the Women on Writing fiction contest in 2015. 

Dead on the Dock won an honorable mention in the 2016 Writer's Digest Self-Published awards. 

Everett is a cannabis legalization advocate and speaks to the issue on radio and podcasts. 

She spends her free time in the woods with two badly behaved Beagles, whom she fears will discover a dead body .